Food and Agriculture Business Models - Pathway

Business Model Design Exercise: The Case of Snack and Ingredient Manufacturer (DN109)

The objective of this learning product is to take you through the exercise of designing a "Business Model Components" for a young Dutch company with its operations in India and extensive networks in other Asian and African countries has developed a market-driven fruit and vegetable based product offering. They have several competitive elements around an innovative core drying/swelling technology.

After finishing up this exercise you will develop the ability to:
1. Design a "Differentiated Value Proposition" for a complex value chain orchestration business with a
disruptive technology intervention
2. Design a distribution channel strategy aligned with the "Value proposition"
3. Design the tactical value chain and execution elements of this business

What can you expect?
1. Real-life case study for download
2. Learning documents on Business model frameworks
3. Detailed multi-media recordings of the expert addressing the case questions and discussion questions
4. Access to the discussion forums helping you address specific challenges of your case

The completion of learning and assessment can take anywhere between 3-5 hours of time investment.

We welcome you to an exciting learning journey with us.

  • About this case analysis sample
  • How to maximize your learning sample
  • Case study - Processor with a technology intervention
  • Case Study - Snacking and Ingredient Value Chain [Downloadable PDF] sample
  • Business model design elements
  • Value proposition building tool [Downloadable PDF]
  • Aligning distribution strategy with value proposition [Downloadable PDF]
  • Building a committed value chain [Downloadable PDF]
  • Expert presentation of the business model design
  • Introduction to the Case (01:19)
  • Technology Intervention - DIC (02:21)
  • DIC Vs. Other Technologies (02:30)
  • Principles of a Disruptive Technology (04:21)
  • Differentiating Value Proposition (04:03)
  • How important is Snacking & Ingredients? (01:20)
  • Value Proposition Matrix (01:23)
  • Distribution Channel Strategy (02:41)
  • Branding Strategy For RVJ (04:21)
  • Chain Design for RVJ (02:23)
  • Sustainability Components (02:28)
  • Sourcing strategy for the processor (03:42)
  • Pricing Strategy for the processor (04:04)
  • Logistics strategy for the processor (02:00)
  • Break Even Capacity for the processor (04:20)
  • Identifying Risks of the Processing Project (01:03)
  • Summary - Important Takeaways of the Session (00:49)
  • Discussion: Based on the business model design approach
  • Discussion 1 - Benchmark for Natural (01:07)
  • Discussion 2 - Food Safety (01:48)
  • Discussion 3 - Pricing Strategy (01:24)
  • Discussion 4 - Technology Adaptation in Emerging Economies (02:14)
  • your feedback
  • Thank you and follow-up
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed