Learning Objectives

At the end of this course and assessment, you would be able to answer/discuss the below questions with a lot more clarity and confidence.

  1. Which current industry trend/development is attracting your interest? Why?
  2. Which food products/commodities are more prone to price fluctuations and why?
  3. What attributes are being preferred by future food consumers (teenagers)?
  4. What marketing and communication channels are influencing teenagers food choices?
  5. What are the characteristics of a eco-friendly consumer?
  6. What sustainable attributes are influencing the purchasing decisions of the eco-friendly consumers?
  7. What influence did COVID have on eco-friendly consumers demand and willingness-to-pay for sustainable attributes?
  8. Is eco-friendly consumer trend a global or restricted only to the western markets?
  9. Which countries will experience significant negative agribusiness outcomes because of the climate change we are experiencing?
  10. What are the market realities of meat industry?
  11. What are the market realities of plant based meat?
  12. Which meat category is experiencing a speedy and sustainable market growth?
  13. How are challenger brands being created at a very fast pace in a rather slow/conventional food & agribusiness industry?
  14. How is big food responding to the creation of challenger brands and novel food categories that are limiting their growth?
  15. What are the market realities of the fruit and vegetable sector?
  16. Which regions & product categories are receiving investments with the food & agribusiness?
  17. How will the ghost kitchen concept influence the food service value chain?