Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course and assessment you would be able to answer/discuss the below questions with a lot more clarity and confidence.

  1. What is the best approach to making crop choice & crop variety decisions?
  2. What criteria should farmers used to get the most appropriate seeds for their cropping?
  3. What is the difference between a chemical and organic fertiliser?
  4. When to use what type of fertiliser?
  5. What method/s will ensure optimal fertiliser usage?
  6. What are different ways to irrigate a crop?
  7. What criteria should farmers use to choose the irrigation method?
  8. What are pests?
  9. What are different pest management methods/techniques?
  10. What are crop diseases?
  11. How do you manage crop diseases?
  12. What digital innovations are supporting effective disease management?
  13. What are weeds?
  14. What are different weed management methods/techniques?
  15. What criteria should a farmer adopt in making his harvesting decision?
  16. What are the best practices to adopt for harvesting?
  17. What preparations should a farmer make in relation to getting optimal price (returns) for their produce?
  18. What measures can a farmer adopt to minimise losses post harvesting?